Treatment Options


Metal Braces, A Traditional Approach.

More comfortable today than ever before, metal braces are still a viable and traditional approach to care. Made from stainless steel, metal braces align teeth using metal brackets and archwires.


Self-Ligating Braces

Available in stainless steel, ceramic or polycarbonate, self-ligating braces utilize permanently installed, moveable clips to hold the archwires and align teeth into place. These clips help reduce pressure placed on your teeth. Since there are no elastic so to replace, fewer adjustments are necessary.

Clear Braces

You deserve a beautiful smile. With ceramic braces, you’ll have a lot to smile about! Ceramic braces can give you the same orthodontic results without the need for large, noticeable metal braces. They move teeth with the same efficiency as traditional braces with the aesthetics of translucent ceramic.


Clear Aligners

Aligners straighten your teeth like braces, but are actually clear, flexible plastic mouth guards that fit closely over the teeth. Using a series of aligners, we can adjust teeth spacing incrementally according to the customized treatment plan we select with you. Since aligners are removable, you can eat and drink whatever you like. Aligners are also virtually invisible to sight and cause minimal abrasion to mouth and gums since they are constructed of plastic instead of metal.